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Ice Skates

Volunteer Hours

Each family is required to complete ten volunteer hours. You can submit them on the Membership & Volunteer page.  You may pay a fee to make up for incomplete hours or to opt out completely.  That fee can also be submitted on the Membership & Volunteer page by clicking the Current Members button and logging into Entryeeze.


The Peaks Figure Skating Club is organized and operated solely by the generous efforts of our volunteers. It takes an amazing amount of time and energy to fulfill the many obligations and activities of the Club. Most people find it interesting and fun to get involved in the club. You meet many people and learn a lot about the “behind the scenes” of the sport. All members of the Peaks Figure Skating Club are expected to volunteer in some capacity. Families of skaters & professional members must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours during the July-June Skating Season (of course, we encourage you to volunteer as much over the limit as you can).

 Members and associate members may choose to opt out by paying a $100.00 donation in lieu of volunteering (single family member). Your time and efforts make a difference! The success and growth of the club depends on each family being committed and supporting the club through volunteer hours.

Goods and/or financial resources may be donated in combination with volunteer hours and/or the opt-out fee.

(These goods and/or services are tax deductible, opt-out fees are not tax deductible.

Special Discount – Members who exceed the annual requirement in service hours will get a discount towards the next season’s membership fees (minus USFSA fee) at a rate of 1.00 per hour of service exceeding 20 hours, up to $20.00 maximum at 40 volunteer hours.  Associate Club members receive the same discount.  Club Officers and Board Chair members will be exempt from the first 20 hours, but must complete additional hours over 20 to receive their discount.  Members who do not meet the minimum requirement of volunteer service hours will be assessed $10.00 for each hour of volunteer service requirement that was not fulfilled.

The PFSC Board of Directors consists of nine positions: four Officers and five Board Members. The four Officers are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. (These are the people who must sign your test and competition forms). The five remaining Board Members may also assume any of the standing committee positions listed.

Volunteer Position Descriptions, Peaks Figure Skating Club

  • Leadership:

    • Board of Directors: 5 to 10 hours per month and attend monthly meetings. Serve 2-3 years. An interest in figure skating and a desire to improve the club. Need email access.

    • Event Chairperson, Registrar or Practice Ice: 40-100 hours per event and 4-6 weeks prior to event. Serve 2-3 years. Process applications, coordinate event in accordance with USFSA and event rules. Adhere to budget.

    • Jr. Board Member & Adult Mentor: 2-4 hours per month and attend monthly meetings: Skaters 12 and up interested in improving the Club and learning valuable leadership skills. Adult Mentor assists skaters with leadership roles.

    • Intermountain Interclub Representative: attends 2 hour long meetings 5 times/year. A strong interest in fostering the development of figure skating in Utah.

  • Ice monitor & Music: 2-4 hour shifts during events or 1 hour shifts during club ice. Enforce safety and collect fees from non-club skaters and associate members. Check people in for club ice. Test Sessions also require music for freeskate tests. We have 2 test sessions per season at our rink. Events & Parties: 3-10 hours per event. Plan & coordinate Club parties and Ice Show Cast Parties. Adhere to budget. Create fun and encourage help from older skaters and Jr. board members.

  • Competitions & Events:

    • Judges’ Hospitality: Food planning, preparation, and presentation. Adhere to budge for competitions (30 hours) and Test Sessions (10 hours). Aide in finding sponsors and donations for meals and menu items.

    • Runner: 4 hour shifts during event (competitions and Test Sessions). Collect judges’ sheets, take them to accountants, and post results; walk, climb stairs, suitable for skaters age 12 and up.

    • Accounting Room: 4 hour shifts during competitions. Assist Accountants with entering marks, checking totals, use of 10 key. Some copy duties may be required.

    • Registration Desk: 4 hour shifts or more during competitions and Test Sessions. Check in skaters during event and collect music. Suitable for skaters 12 and up to assist.

    • Organize Vendors: 4 hours solicit vendors for competitions and events, gather contracts, manage set up of vendor displays

    • Announcer: 2 hours during club events. Read names or script for shows

    • Run Spotlight: 2 hours during club shows or events. Includes rehearsals. Training provided. Awards: 4 hour shifts at Pacific Coast Sectionals. Pass out medals and trophies.

    • Ticket Sales: 2 hour shifts for club ice show (sell at rink or learn to skate). All members required to sell tickets for Christmas Show fundraiser. (not counted toward volunteer hours selling door to door required tickets).

    • Room Monitor: 3 hours during rehearsal and ice shows; 1 adult per dressing room. Assist skaters in dressing room with costume changes, lacing skates, during show nights- make sure skaters are prepared and ready for their numbers. Maintain order and safety for skaters in the dressing areas.

    • Gifts for Skaters & Judges: 10 hours per competition to solicit donations for thank you gifts for judges and prepare goody bags for competitors.

    • Fundraisers & Consignment Boutique: 10-20 hours per year. Solicit donations for silent auctions, consignment sales. Imagine and organize fun and entertaining fundraising events.

    • Costumes & Staging: 10 to 50 hours in advance of the ice shows. Plan and coordinate for the purchase and/or creation of costumes and props/staging for the ice shows. Creativity to work with limited budget essential.

    • Prepare Program: 20 to 40 hours in advance of event (Competition and/or Shows). Responsible for creating program and meeting publication deadlines. Familiarity with desk top publishing essential.

    • Volunteer Coordinator: 10-20 hours per event (Pac Coast Sectionals, Ice Shows, Test Sessions, Club events). Find volunteers and assign time slots. Most can be done by phone, email, and

  • PR, NEWS, Advertising: 10 to 50 hours per year. Develop relationships and contacts to promote club events and activities in newspapers, magazines, schools, etc. Create announcements, banners, promotional literature.

  • Education, Bulletin Board: 10 hours per year. Club Booth at end of learn to skate sessions in Fall and Spring to attract new members. Update club board.

  • Newsletter: 5-7 hours per month. Write, edit, publish and email monthly club newsletter. Maintain calendar of events, contribute photos, skater news, feature articles and education.

  • Membership Directory: 4 hours Update membership directory using established format in Word and arrange for printing and distribution each autumn.

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